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If you enjoy drinking coffee, Westside is providing you with an awesome opportunity to purchase coffee that not only funds Westside's mission trips, but also helps the South American villages that the beans came from.

Here's how it works - we buy the beans from an organization called HOPE Coffee.  You can read more about them on the HOPE Coffee website, but here is a brief summary of who they are and what they do.  In 2009, a missionary in Honduras, Mark Fittz, began to notice that the most sought after souvernir for short term American missionaries upon returning home was Honduran coffee.  He decided to connect with local coffee farmers to produce the "HOPE Coffee" product, and connected with local churches to determine which community projects that the coffee proceeds would fund.  As more and more short-term missionaries purchased the product to take home, word began to spread amongst their families and churches in America.  In 2010, a HOPE Coffee facility was built in the U.S., making the beans more accessible to individuals and churches in America.

According to HOPE Coffee's website, the beans are

  • Fairly traded:  farmers and pickers are paid a fair living wage
  • Directly traded: beans are purchased directly from farmers
  • Community traded:  net profits are invested in Honduran communities through local church outreach projects

In 2009 alone, HOPE Coffee was able to provide water and shelter to over 30 families via projects headed by the local Honduran churches, and around 20 people made a decision for Christ.  You can click here to see their 2013 Impact Report.

Westside Fellowship now purchases these coffee beans in bulk from HOPE Coffee, which contributes to their work in Honduras.  Pastor Mike then roasts the beans, and they are bagged and offered for sale.  The suggested donation for a 1/2 bag is $7.50, and a whole bag is $15.  This is, however, only a suggested amount.  Many have given more, and some less.  Give what you can!  The proceeds of our sales then go into our missions fund that will go towards our mission trips and outreach projects.  Currently, about $11 of the $15 for a whole bag goes into Westside's missions fund!

Bags are available for sale each Sunday morning, or you can also contact Pastor Mike to place an order.